I am Riikka Kantinkoski a photographer, stylist and designer from Finland.

I love trying new methods and challenging myself when I am creating new thingsI also get so much joy for it, that I hope it will make joy to others too. 

For me beautiful things does´t have to be polished and new, as I think perfections is imperfect. I get my inspiration mostly from nature.  I love long walks, lazy mornings and smell of summer forest. 

Peaceful, happy, and cosy moments are the best ones, but of course it would not be called life, if every moment would be just like that. It is why I hope you can find a little piece of that calm feeling from my art,  either it is painting, jewelry, wall hanging or something else. So when looking at it you would feel peaceful and happy.

Please contact me if you would like to ask me something or maybe become a retailer. I am happy to help you with any question in your mind.

[email protected]